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Using the site

You may use the content on the IPM website in accordance with the rules set out below. The contents of the IPM Website may not be used in any other way unless 

you have received IPM's prior written consent to do so and subject to the terms of the agreement (if given):

Do not enable or allow any computer application or any other means, including Crawlers, Robots, etc. to search, scan, copy, or automatically retrieve content from the IPM site. In this respect, it is forbidden to create or use such means to create a collection, collection or database containing content from an IPM site.

The contents of the site should not be presented in a frame, open or covert.

Content from the site should not be presented in any way - including any software, device, accessory or communication protocol - that changes their design on the site or removes any content from them, especially advertisements and commercial content.

Do not link to the site from any site that contains pornographic content, content that encourages racism or illegal discrimination.

Do not link to content from the site, which is not the home page of the sites ("deep link") and may not display or publish such content in any other way unless the deep link is to a web page in the site in its entirety and as is. In this context, it is prohibited to link to content from the site, apart from the web pages on which they appear on the sites. Also, the exact URL of the web page on the site should appear in the usual place designated for this in the user interface, for example: in the status bar in the user's browser. This address may not be altered, misrepresented, or replaced at any other address.

IPM may instruct you to cancel any such deep link at its sole discretion. In this case you will immediately cancel the deep link and you will have no claim, demand or claim against IPM in this matter.

Do not embed video clips from the site without the prior written permission of IPM on any site. IPM reserves the right not to allow the embedding of videos and / or change the link to the video without the need to notify you in advance and you will have no claim, demand and / or demand against IPM for making such changes and / or malfunctions that occur as they occur. IPM may instruct you to cancel any such implementation at its sole discretion - in this case you will cancel the implementation immediately and you shall have no claim, demand and / or claim against IPM in this matter. IPM shall not be liable for any damage caused by embedding videos from the Site.You are fully and exclusively responsible for any assimilation made by you, including the regulation of copyright and payment to the respective copyright societies / performers in accordance with any law, and undertakes to indemnify IPM for any damage it may suffer as a result.

You undertake not to perform the following actions (in whole or in part):

1. Impersonate any person or other legal entity using the Services.

2. Upload, transmit or transmit any material containing any type of computer virus or any other computer code designed to destroy, interfere with or limit the use (including any other use other than fair and reasonable use of the Site) on any of the computers, servers, hardware and the software used by IPM for the provision of the Services.

3. Spreading spam, or flooding any other mail with the servers through which the services are launched.

4. Modification, adaptation, sublicense, translation, sale, re-engineering, dismantling or reassembly of any part of the code comprising the Site, as well as the hardware and software used for the provision of the Services.

5. Interrupt any other way, or interrupt the Services and / or the Site, including by interfering with the server operations and the network of computers connected to the Services and / or the Site or the computer network connected to them.

6. Upload and / or send through the Services any material and / or message that is illegal and / or immoral and / or offensive in any manner and / or irrelevant.

7. Make any use of the Services that is not in accordance with these Terms of Use.

8. The right to use the information on the site is given to the personal and private use of the user. No commercial use of any information or profit is permitted, and the user is not permitted to allow the use of the information to third parties, whether in return or not. It is hereby clarified that the information published on the Website may not be used for the purpose of displaying it on the Internet or any other service, without the prior written consent of IPM and subject to the terms of use. The User undertakes that he will not store information through various types of software or distribute information presented on the Website to the public in a commercial or commercial manner or for any other purpose. The site may not be presented in a different design or graphical interface than those set forth by IPM, except subject to prior written consent. The Site may not be presented in a way that detracts in any way from the content therein.

Intellectual property

All copyrights and intellectual property rights on the Site in the Services offered therein and in any content contained therein are solely IPM's or a third party's permission to IPM to use them.  You may not copy, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit to the public, modify, process, create derivative works,  sell or rent any part of the foregoing, whether by you or through or in conjunction with any third party, or otherwise, without the prior written consent of IPM or of the other rights holders, as the case may be and subject to the terms of the agreement (if given).  This provision also applies to any processing, editing or translation made by IPM for content entered or delivered by you to the sites.

If and to the extent that such consent is granted, you must refrain from removing, deleting or disrupting any notice or sign relating to intellectual property rights, for example - the Copyright Mark ©, or Trademark ®, accompanying the Content used by you.

The trademarks and advertisements of advertisers on the Site are the property of these advertisers only.


IPM shall be entitled at any time and without prior notice to update inaccurate or incorrect information you have provided to it, immediately warn its customer against your actions, restrict your access to the Services and refuse to provide the Services to you in one or more of the following cases:

1. If there is a concern that you violated the Terms of Use.

2. If it is unable to verify and / or validate information provided by you.

3. If it believes that your use of the Services constitutes a financial risk and / or fraud, and / or if there is reasonable concern.

4. If it believes that your actions may result in financial loss and / or payment and / or legal liability for you, for them and / or for their customers.