For the first time in the world, all-in-one digital pest control device, we used the most advanced technologies
to one integrated multi-sensor for multi pest monitoring and capturing device.

SQUARE EYE allows you to monitor, capture and watch and analyze pests 24/7 with one simple WIFI connection.
The modularity of all-in-one allows you to act in many scenarios where you encounter daily routine as PCO's, 
You can choose between Snap traps for rodents, Glue traps, and Pheromone Trap for insects or any combination of them.

In all cases, SQUARE EYE will send you an in alert as a Real-time snapshot.

In addition, SQUARE EYE utilizes highly advanced detection technologies for insects on a Pheromone or Glue traps. The image is sent to the server, 
analyzed using a learning algorithm that marks the insects on the glue board and distributes the information to the relevant recipients of your choice