SQUARE RAT - a stand-alone Wi-Fi trap that in less than 60 seconds can be installed in any site with Wi-Fi, or connect the device to our Square WIFI hub for installation in a site without Wi-Fi connectivity. SQUARE RAT allows us to solve high infestation  (with one or more traps), or build an IPM program on site with as many traps needed, with ONLINE alerts, “keep alive” every 24 hours, and low battery notification. 

The SQUARE RAT station works with all E-type Snap Traps and the trap can be replaced when needed without touching the technology, just place the magnet on the snap trap and you’re back in business. SQUARE RAT includes a phone app for installation and trap management, and a client portal to monitor and manage analytic data, with a graphic GPS location of any trap for high level information, managing tools, and statistical data

How does it works

  • Daily Keep Alive and online alerts
  • Battery life of 2 years
  • Immediate real-time alert when rodent activity is detected.
  • Multiple recipients notifications are push-sent (email, SMS, etc.)
  • Modular solution that can be adapted for different rat trap stations.
  • End-to-end solution including hardware, software and mobile application.
  • Simple - Less than 60 second installing procedure per station
  • Flexible standalone capability - from one trap on one customer site to multisite complex customers
  • Works with customer’s Wi-Fi or with our Square encrypted Wi-Fi hot spot
  • Constant 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Instant identification of hazards
  • Improve response time from weeks to hours
  • Avoid wasting time inspecting stations with no activity
  • Simple to install using a single button click
  • No IT qualifications required to operate or manage.
  • Remote controlled via Internet and mobile phone
SQUARE RAT - Parts, Matching stations & Complementar


  • IPM SQUARE Button and sensor /1
  • IPM SQUARE Snap Base /2
  • IPM SQUARE Base Cover /4
  • IPM SQUARE Snap Magnet /5

Fit with

  • EZ SECURED Rodent Bait Station Kness Big Snap-E® / 3


  • IPM SQUARE Wi-Fi Router
Technical Specifications
802.11i (WPA, WPA2, WEP)
802.11i b/g/n
Simple click button, led lights,custom sounds
32 Gram
5cm X 5cm X 1.85cm (WxHxD)
0° to 50° C
CR2-3v Can operate up to 1200 transmissions in standard enviromental conditions
2.4GHz to 2.462GHz